Hello, my name is Matthew Stevenson. I live and work in Washington, DC as a Creative Director. In my (limited) spare time I design nerdy art.

Brands of Warcraft

Classes as Companies


The Shape of Adventure


Minimalist Evolution

Arctic Council

State Department Program

The Lightsaber Archive

An Elegant Weapon

Video Game Transit Maps

Nostalgic Utilitarianism

Warcraft Crests

The Mark of War

Atlas Travel Posters

Adventure Awaits

Retro Toy Weapons

Minimalist Line Art

Chicago Poster Series

Minimalist Theater Design

    Say hello.

    Hi there.

    Matt is currently the Creative Director at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. He also collects lightsabers and speaks in front of large groups. In case you were wondering, DC is his hood and MJS is his name.

    Current project:

    The Lightsaber Archive